Weather in Sunny Beach Resort

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Sunny Beach Resort

The best time to visit Sunny Beach Resort is in the summer for a warm and dry climate. The weather begins to cool towards the end of autumn with the lowest temperatures occurring in winter.

Temperatures rarely fall below the high-teens with highs of 28°C in the summer and chilly winter lows of 2°C. The resort enjoys a slightly cooler climate than other parts of the Mediterranean, but it’s still very mild and temperatures are comfortable.

If you were hoping to have a lot of sun during your holiday, you’re in luck. Sunny Beach lives up to its name and enjoys 300 days of sunshine throughout the year. Summer is the best time to go to Sunny Beach Resort for a warmer climate and not much chance of rain.

For cooler weather, visit between November and May for milder temperatures and comfortable humidity levels. The Black Sea carries a cool breeze to the sandy shores along the coastline, which can make things more pleasing in the summer but chillier during the cold winter nights.

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