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Its location on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast means that Duni enjoys a very warm and dry climate for most of the year with cooler winters.

The best time to go to Duni is during the peak of summer. The great weather lasts from June to September and temperatures rarely drop below 27°C.

You can expect plenty of warm sunshine throughout the year with over 300 hours of sunlight in summer alone. If you’re not a fan of the cold, you might want to avoid winter in Duni. It’s not the best time to visit Duni if you want to get a tan, but it’s perfect if you aren’t a fan of the heat.

Temperatures in winter range from lows of 4°C and highs of 12°C. There’s still lots of sunshine to enjoy, but you’ll need to pack warmer layers for night when winds are stronger and temperatures are at their lowest.

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