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Thailand has a tropical climate with warm weather lasting throughout the year. Monsoon season brings heavy downpours to the country, which means you’ll need to pack a raincoat if you’re planning to visit between November and February.

The average temperature is 27°C but the warmest and best time to visit Thailand is from March to June. Temperatures reach highs of 31°C, which is perfect weather for sunbathing by the pool and soaking up the warm sunshine on the beach.

Monsoon season begins in July and ends in October. There’s quite a lot of rainfall during this time, so make sure to pack a raincoat or umbrella and check the forecast for weather updates. Most showers during this time tend to be a short shower in the afternoon, so you’ll still get to enjoy plenty of sunshine during your visit.

If you love to swim in the sea, the best time to go to Thailand is in the summer and early autumn. However, the sea usually remains warm enough for swimming all year round, with an average temperature of 27°C.

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