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Malaysia is in Southeast Asia and enjoys an equatorial climate characterised by high humidity, warm temperatures, and heavy monsoons.

If you visit Malaysia in the summer, you’ll have high temperatures reaching up to 33°C with nightly lows of 24°C. It’s the best time to visit Malaysia if you’re seeking heat and sunshine, but don’t forget to pack an umbrella as the average monthly rainfall is around 200mm.

The oceans that surround Malaysia influence the weather and tends to carry showers and winds to the mainland. Monsoon season begins in November and lasts until March. The average temperature is around 27°C, which is slightly cooler than the summer but still very hot and enjoyable.

The best time to go to Malaysia is late winter and early spring for slightly drier weather conditions. There’s still regular rainfall, but showers are shorter and faster, which means the sun won’t be hidden for long.

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