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China is located in East Asia and known for its diverse range of landscapes that include everything from vast deserts to lush grassland and rugged mountains. Its coastline stretches over 14,000km and the climate is usually very pleasant, with hot summers and cold winters.

The average temperature in the summer is around 26°C with lows of 20°C at night. The best time to visit China is August, which is the warmest time of the year with highs of 32°C in places like Shanghai on the east coast.

Northern and eastern regions are bitterly cold in the winter, which has lows of -9°C in January and highs of just 2°C.

Rainfall is very rare in winter, with no more than 40mm of rain per month. The peak of summer is the wettest time of the year, with around 130mm of rain each month.

For a drier climate with lots of sunshine and heat, the best time to go to China is in the spring. Temperatures are around 18°C with not much chance of rain.

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