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As the largest continent in the world, weather patterns fluctuate quite a lot and largely depends on where you’re going on holiday. The various climates are diverse, ranging from tropical in places like southern India to Arctic in Siberia.

The summer is the best time to visit Asia because the weather is warmer with lots of sunshine throughout the season. The hottest time is from June to September when the average temperature is around 30°C.

Tropical resorts in places like Goa and Kuala Lumpur can get very hot in the summer with high UV rays, so make sure to wear sun cream and drink plenty of water. The average humidity is around 57%, which is quite mild and enjoyable for most of the year.

Northern regions such as Russia can be very cold in winter with heavy snowfall on the mountains. If you prefer cooler temperatures, the best time to visit Asia is autumn and spring for mild weather. Winter can be very cold, with temperatures reaching as low as 1°C.

The summer is the wettest season, with 97mm per month. You’ll have around 13 hours of sunshine in the summer and ten hours in winter.

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